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Solid bars are not only better for you but also for the environment. Most liquid cosmetics come in plastic packaging, may irritate the skin and contain nasty ingredients and up to 85% of water. Our solid beauty bars, on the other hand, are certified vegan and organic and packaged in 100% compostable cardboard (printed with vegetable-based ink). They are natural and nasty-free. Our beauty bars are also more concentrated than your traditional liquid shampoo and shower gel, so they will last longer.


Your cleansing beauty bar is handmade with love by artisans in France using the cold process. In the cold process, the oils in the bars are not heated, which gives your bar its natural and authentic texture.

All our packagings are recyclable. Our products are contained in 100% compostable packagings, printed with vegetable ink.

Yes, all our products are certified Vegan by the Vegan society and they are not tested on animals

Yes! All our products are certified BIO Earth Durable. 

No no no ... Soaps made with this method mean that the soap maker buys a ready-to-use soap paste from an industrialist and that he does not produce his soap in the traditional way. We manufacture our soaps ourselves using the cold process method, which is the most suitable method for the skin.

Our soap is made by cold process while Marseille soap is made in pots, so hot. Our cold process (without boiling oils) keeps all of the properties of the precious oils we use. This is why one of the first comments we have with our products is "when I get out of the shower, I no longer have the feeling of dry skin, on the contrary, I have soft skin". By not heating our oils, we therefore maintain their hydrating, soothing, purifying properties, etc.

Our productscan be used for around 3 years.

We have a big difficulty in setting up in France. There are several big brands, and until recently, the majority of our sales were outside of France, in the rest of the European Union (especially England). We therefore export French know-how since the launch of the brand. But we are of a combative temper, and here we are again to conquer French consumers! Since our products are made here, we want to sell as many as possible in France, especially since there is an environmental logic. This allows the products to travel less!


Your rich beauty bar is made with precious oils and butter. We use shea butter, lavender oil, citrus fruit oil, coconut oil and other natural ingredients in the bars. You can find the names of all the ingredients on your bar’s packaging and the product description on our website.

Our beauty bars are vegan, palm oil-free, sulfate-free and preservative-free. You can find the names of all the ingredients in your bar on its packaging and on the product description on our website.

No!! Currently, the consumption of palm oil is causing deforestation. Did you know that the equivalent of a forest soccer field disappears every 15 seconds, and oil palm trees are one of the main drivers of this ecological disaster (source: Greenpeace). 

We first choose the type of oil or butter that we want to use for this or that formula, depending on the dermatological or hair benefits that we are looking for. The environmental aspect is also essential, because we avoid ingredients, like palm oil, which have a negative impact. We dutifully respect  our Vegan and cruelty free policies, so we exclude all animal products, or ingredients / suppliers performing animal testing. At the geographical level, we favor Provence, then France, then Europe, and it is only if an ingredient is not available in these areas, and only if it is really necessary for our formula that we opt for import. Then there is our organic specification, of course, so it is a real jigsaw puzzle and we do the best we can to source the ingredients in an ethical and ecological way. When we face a dilemma, we ask ourself "How would our customers like us to act?" In general, it helps us to make the right decision!

All our products have a Lot Number, and thanks to our quality procedure, we are able to know which ingredient we have used for this or that Lot Number.

Here is our procurement policy: Our suppliers are selected on the basis of the following five key performance indicators: 1. Social responsibility - We only contract with suppliers who comply with current legislation, human rights and labor legislation and that their actions guarantee the protection of the environment and the health and safety of their workers. We are also partners with a local center to provide safe and beneficial work for people with disabilities. 2. Quality - We buy almost everything locally in France and our products are certified organic by BIO Earth Durable. This means that we do not use ingredients that we are likely to harm the health of our customers or the environment. Consequently, our products do NOT contain any of the following ingredients: - Sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, or other funny names that some brands use), parabens, preservatives, phenoxyethanol, endocrine disruptor (BHA, butylparaben, propylparaben and salts, ethylhexylmethoxycinnamate, Triclosan, Benzophenone-1, Benzophenone-3, Cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclomethicone, BHT) and allergens (Methylisothiazolinone-MIT, methylchloroisothiazolinone-MCIT, P-Phenylenediamine emissions) land and water, use of resources to treat. Our bars are 100% packaged from compostable and recyclable boxes made in France. We also use vegetable-based ink on our certified compostable box. 3. Animal protection - Our products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society.  The registered trademark of the company certifies that the manufacture and development of our products does not imply the use of products, by-products or derivatives of animal origin. It also certifies that we do not perform any animal tests. 4. Logistics - We assess the distance traveled by our ingredients to minimize transport emissions, costs and the amount of packaging materials used. 5. Competitiveness - We are looking for ways to optimize costs in order to provide the highest quality at the best value for our customers

Yes, our coconut oil is always organic and Vegan. Know that we even have the guarantee that no monkey has helped in the collection of coconuts.

In our face cleanser, the green color is explained by the presence of green clay in the formula. There are no dyes. On our shampoo, we recently added a green dye (which is natural) because many of you told us that they got confused between the soaps and shampoos in the shower. So we have added a color code to differentiate the shampoo from shaving or body products.

We use essential oils in very small quantities as this allows us to obtain a truly authentic and very pleasant scent in a 100% natural way. In shampoo, the feedback we have  from our clients is that they prefer to have a scent, so for hair products, we have essential oils. However, our face treatments have no essential oils or perfumes. We also have a baby soap which has no perfume or essential oil, and which is ideal for mothers and babies, it has been tested under dermatological control. We are currently working on developing a new shampoo without any essential oil or perfume. 

How to use

Our solid products are concentrated so you can use them for a longer time than traditional liquid ones. One 40g bar can replace up to 2 bottles and 80g bars up to 3 bottles ! 

After using your bar, make sure that it has the time to dry. Leave it in a dry place with good airflow, to ensure that it doesn’t dissolve or get soft. We have written a blog post to help you take care of your beauty bar. Check it here!

Of course, you can travel with your beauty bar! Beauty bars are the perfect travel companion. They won’t spill in your suitcase, they are light, you can leave them in your bag when passing through airport security and they will last much longer than your traditional liquid beauty products. So don’t hesitate to take your beauty bar on a trip around the world. You can even put them in our travel case to make sure they travel safely!

The feedback we have is that the balm works on all skin types, even the most sensitive! For oily skins, if you already use a night balm, you should be very delighted with ours. We recommend passing the balm faster on the skin, to leave a thinner layer, and then massage well with your fingers.

No, it is important not to change your habits, continue to do as usual. However, this is not the time to test new things, because your hair needs to get used to the product, so during your transition, it is best to avoid testing a new oil for your hair, etc.

Yes it can. The shaving bars are formulated to allow the razor to slide properly, protect the skin, and avoid irritation.

Yes, you can, it is great for the body, for the hands, for the lips. You can use it as a night balm or as an after-sun. 

Currently no. It is true that our 100% natural shampoo reacts very irregularly with colored hair. It must depend on the colors. We are in the midst of research to understand why, and also in the process of developing a formula specially adapted for colored hair.

Our night balm contains coconut oil, which is a comodogenic ingredient. We have therefore limited the concentration of coconut oil in order to avoid any reaction on the skin. At this point, we have had very little negative feedback.

We think it is too hydrating for the day, unless you have dry skin. However, some customers use it during the day, underneath their makeup.

Shampoos contain essential oils, so are not recommended for babies or children. On the other hand, our body products, night balm and face cleanser can be used by children. For babies, we have baby soap that has been dermatologically tested.

Delivery - subscription - stores

Yes, We deliver in the whole world!

When you subscribe, you get 15% discount directly applied in your cart, a free tin travel case with your first order, and get your bars delivered every 1,3 or 6 months! For more information, go directly to our subscription page.

We are present in organic stores. Very soon, we will give you the list of physical stores where you can find our products