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How to take care of your Balade en Provence beauty bar

July 09, 2019

Your Balade en Provence bar takes care of your skin and hair, so don’t forget to take care of your delicious beauty bar as well.

Solid bars are meant to remain firm. If you pop into the shower only to find your solid skin and hair care melting in the soap tray, you know its time to take better care of your little friend. Balade en Provence’s beauty bars are carefully handmade in France using the cold process. In the time-consuming cold process, precious oils are combined without any additional heat. Before you can indulge in them, the natural bars cure on wooden shelves for one month. After this long journey, your exclusively handmade organic and vegan bar deserves to be treated like royalty. Read on to find out how to take care of your handmade beauty bar, so that it accompanies you on your washing adventures for the longest possible time.

There are three key points to remember to keep your concentrated solid bar healthy and fresh: keep it dry, give it air, and take extra care when travelling.

1. Keep it dry

After taking a nourishing shower or bath with your Balade en Provence organic and vegan bar, make sure it has the chance to dry properly. Just like you, after a pleasant rinse, zero-waste bars enjoy a dry environment. You can place your companion into a holder or bag with holes, which will allow any excess water to drain through. This way, your  Soothing Shave Bar or  Ultra Rich Body Soap Bar will be firm and ready to use when you step back into the shower.

2. Give it air

Don’t forget to give your organic and vegan bar some air. To prevent it from turning soft and sticky, make sure to store it in a location with good airflow. You can also take your beauty bar out of the shower from time to time and place it next to an open window, for instance! The air will dry the natural bar, so it’s fresh for your next washing experience.

 3. Take extra care when travelling

Of course, you don’t want to leave your beloved Balade en Provence bar at home when travelling the world. Solid bars are excellent travel buddies - they take up less space than their traditional liquid counterparts and they will never spill in your luggage! For the best travel experience, we recommend placing your natural bar in an airtight box. Make sure it’s dry when you place it into the container and bon voyage!  By the way - keep an eye out for our new Balade en Provence solid cosmetics box, which will be available soon!

If you follow these tips, not only will you get the most out of your zero-sulphate solid bar, but it will remain firm, fresh and always ready to delight you!



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