Zero Waste Beauty Bars | Artisan Handmade in France

Move To Solid

Balade en Provence products are inspired by our Move To Solid mission to preserve the environment by offering solid products that do not require plastic packaging. Certified Organic & Vegan, our Zero-Waste range replaces the traditional liquid products. We harvest our solid bars with naturally cooled precious oils that nourish & soothe your skin, body & hair with a sensorial experience of Provence.
Soothing Shave Bar - For Men & Women - Citrus 40g € 8.00 EUR
Invigorating Solid Shampoo - For Men - Citrus 40g € 6.00 EUR
Delicate Solid Shampoo - Fine Hair - Lavender 40g € 6.00 EUR
All In One Soap Bar - For Men 80g € 8.50 EUR
Ultra Rich Body Soap Bar - Orange Blossom 80g € 7.90 EUR
Gentle Shave Bar - For Women - Orange Blossom 40g € 8.00 EUR
Soothing Shave Bar - For Men - Citrus 40g € 8.00 EUR
Caring Hand Soap Bar - Orange Blossom 80g € 7.90 EUR