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Prepare a zero-waste start of school year

septembre 07, 2020

Prepare a zero-waste start of school year

With the school year now under way, most parents are realising they are missing some items or their child comes with additional requests.

The never-ending list of suppliers for each subject can be a jigsaw puzzle with no solution. Adding to that the wish to be environmental responsible is like an impossible mission. Well it is not, and we are here to guide and help you to achieve a zero-waste start of school year, or at least to get closer to it.


Some tips

  • Make an inventory:

First things first, you need to see what you already have to know what you are missing. It is likely that you bought more supplies than needed last year so you probably still have several pens, pencils, note books… Make sure to know what you have so you will not buy useless items that will be forgotten.

  • Reuse what you found:

To continue on the same length, once you have your list of what you already have, it goes without saying that it is preferable to reuse old supplies. Clean your pencil case, bags, pens, pencils and even scissors. Also, keep the used notebooks as they can always be used as drafts.

  • Exchange with other parents:

Some parents with older children may want to get rid of some supplies. It would be interesting to contact parents to check what they need and see if they propose items that you are looking for. 

  • Buy second-hand:

There is nothing bad in buying second-hand supplies. On the contrary, you give to some old but still useful items a second life. You can check some online sites or thrift shops, we guarantee that you will find everything but at a bargaining price.

  • Try DIY:

It may be the cheapest and least wasteful idea. Try to make your own book cover with an old, but pretty, cloth or fabric. If you feel adventurous you can even try to make some clothes for your children, as long as you follow their style. This year you can go crazy with making different masks as they are very important and nowadays part of the fashion.

  • Favour eco-friendly supplies:

Once you have done your inventory and still need to buy some items you ought to favour eco-friendly and durable supplies. Purchase wooden rulers, geometric instruments made of metal, rechargeable pens and insulated bottles. Some shops propose bags, notebooks and papers made of recyclable materials. Also, in France check if your pens and pencils have the label FSC as it indicates that the wood used comes from forests that are managed responsibly.
This is the costliest idea, however the items purchased will last longer and surely can be reused later on. 

  • Talk about it :

The most important step regarding zero-waste way of life is to talk about it and explain its important. Whether it is with your children so they can understand why they did not get the newest Hello Kitty pencil bag like her friends or with other parents so they can do the same next year.
Trying to go zero-waste takes time and adaptation, however it can be done anywhere with anything, food, beauty products, clothes… You just need to take the first step.

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