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Baume De Nuit - Solid Night Cream - 40g
Baume De Nuit - Solid Night Cream - 40gBaume De Nuit - Solid Night Cream - 40gBaume De Nuit - Solid Night Cream - 40gBaume De Nuit - Solid Night Cream - 40gBaume De Nuit - Solid Night Cream - 40g

Your after-sun ally, hydrates and softens

Solid Night Balm - 40g

Discover the Solid Night Balm: a zero waste solid cream with a long lifespan (equivalent to 2 jars of moisturizer)

We designed a nugget. Fewer ingredients, more natural, more organic, but above all a very effective product.

With a clean formula, this artisanal balm made in France is a nourishing moisturizer for the evening.

Enriched with cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil, the Night Balm hydrates your face while you sleep.

You wake up with smooth, soft skin in the early morning. Soft and radiant skin upon waking.

€ 25.00 EUR

🌿100% Natural — 😻Vegan — 🇫🇷Made in France

0 pesticide

98.9% Organic

Zero Waste

Made in France

4 ingredients

Cacao Butter

  • nourish, protect and hydrate all skin types
  • antioxidant:  fight against the effects of time and restore the elasticity of your skin
  • delicious and discrete chocolate scent 

Apricot Kernel Oil

  • bring light and radiance to the skin
  • regenerative: also fights against the effects of time
  • nourishing the driest skin
  • ensure you a soft and hydrated skin as soon as you wake up.

Coconut Oil

  • extremely nourishing
  • hydrate the skin gently
  • calm redness, an ally after sun to calm overheated skin

Carnauba Wax

  • perfect for all skin types.
  • soften and protect effectively inflamed parts of your skin
  • anti bacterial
  • smooth and sublimate oily skin
  • nourish and protect sensitive and irritated skin

And nothing more !

Discover the first really effective Solid Night Balm that takes care of you

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Better than organic

Did you know that most cosmetics only need 10% organic ingredients to receive an "organic" label?

Our Solid Night Balm is 98.9% organic and certified organic with BIO Earth Durable which is dedicated to ecological and organic products, a truly demanding organism.


100 /100

Zero Waste

The products are all packed in 100% compostable and recyclable packagings. 

Vegetable ink

Preservation and reuse of excess


Sourced, produced, packaged and printed locally


The Solid Night Balm is certified Vegan by the Vegan Society.

 The manufacture and development of our Night Balm, and of all of our products do not imply the use of ANY animal product, by-product or derivative.

We do NOT test on animals.

MaDE In France

Manufacturing and production takes place in France

The cases are printed with vegetable ink in France

Only the paper comes from Holland because we did not find the most eco-responsible recycled paper in France

Packages are sent from Provence

Easy to use

Slowly slide the bar over your face where necessary and the warmth of your skin will melt the bar.

Then use your fingers to massage the product into your face as you would any night cream.

Store in a cool, dry place, as this product can soften or melt when exposed to heat.

If this is the case, refrigerate for 3-4 hours so that it hardens.

Adopt the Night Balm like more than 72,000 people

Pourquoi fait-on tout cela ?

La plupart des produits cosmétiques sur le marché sont vendus dans des emballages en plastique.

Qu'il s'agisse de shampoings, de savons, de gels douche. Parfois, nous avons même un plastique autour du capuchon.

Tout cela est un excès d'emballage, il n'a aucune utilité.

   Mais il n'y a pas que les emballages.

Certains cosmétiques contiennent du plastique dans leur composition car il s'agit d'un épaississant qui ne coûte pas cher aux fabricants.

vos questions

Why #MoveToSolid ?

Solid products are not only better for you but also for the environment. Most liquid cosmetics come in plastic packaging, contain harmful ingredients that can irritate the skin, and up to 85% water.

Our solid products, on the other hand, are certified vegan and organic and packaged in a 100% compostable cardboard (printed with vegetable ink). They are natural and cruelty-free.

Our solid products are also more concentrated than your shampoo, shower gel, or traditional liquid creams, which allows them to last longer.

What are the ingredients that are not present in solid products?

Our solid products are Vegan, palm oil free, sulfate free, plastic free and preservative free.

What is the lifespan of the Solid Night Balm?

Our 40g Night Balm can replace up to 2 jars of traditional creams

A propos de Balade en provence

Nous sommes une entreprise provençale de cosmétiques biologiques et zéro déchet, qui fabrique des barres de beauté sensorielles avec soin.

 Lorsque nous avons lancé notre première gamme de soins pour la peau il y a quatre ans, nous avons été surpris de découvrir que la plupart des shampoings, gels douche et autres produits de soins liquides contiennent plus de 80 % d'eau, de conservateurs chimiques et sont contenus dans des emballages plastiques.

Des camions, des bateaux et avions brûlant de l'énergie pour transporter des produits à base d'eau, emballés dans du plastique et contenant des ingrédients potentiellement nocifs pour les consommateurs, ça ne nous allait pas du tout, alors nous avons décidé de faire quelque chose pour y remédier.

Notre philosophie est de promouvoir la "bienveillance".

La "Bienveillance" est un terme français qui peut être défini comme "la générosité ou le désir de faire le bien".

Chez Balade en Provence, nous pensons que toutes les actions, petites ou grandes, ont un impact.

C'est pourquoi nous nous efforçons de faire ce qui est "bon" lorsque nous développons nos produits, interagissons avec nos clients, travaillons dans notre communauté et gérons les déchets environnementaux.

Nous espérons que nos actions inspireront d'autres personnes à étendre la bienveillance.