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Sensorial, Vegan & Natural Skincare, Made in Provence

Our Story



We provide moments of happiness, and share the Provence art de vivre through sensorial, natural and Vegan products.

Our products stimulate the senses, offering a moment of well-being, pleasure, and sensory delight.




The name “BALADE EN PROVENCE”, translated “walk in Provence”, symbolizes the pleasure of walking in the fields of Provence, picking delicious fruits and flowers, enjoying the peacefulness and natural beauty of the region.

“BALADE EN PROVENCE” was born in a small village of Provence, where the fragrant fields of lavender, flowers and fruits are a constant reminder of the natural richness of this region.




All our products are developed and made in Provence, with love and care, in a small village near Aix-En-Provence. Our factory is located in a beautiful countryside, surrounded by a forest of pine trees, near the sea.

BALADE EN PROVENCE products are made with the greatest care, following strict manufacturing processes, and using only high quality ingredients.

We offer you the latest innovations, high performance and high quality products.



We call on the creativity and the world-renowned talent of our perfumer in Grasse for the development of our fragrances. Their experienced and passionate team invent the finest perfumes to give a smile of surprise and pleasure to those who open our products.

Orange blossom, mimosa, jasmine, lily, violet, iris and roses are all grown in Grasse, following organic processes which give the flowers their exceptional olfactory virtues.

Generations of flowers and perfume producers perpetuate the magic that has taken place in Grasse for centuries and we are proud to work with our local community.



All our products are certified by The Vegan Society.

The Vegan Society logo certifies that the manufacture and development of our products did not involve the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative. It also attests that we did not conduct any testing on animals.

These are important values for our brand. We love animals, we love nature!



We harvest the best of nature and avoid using ingredients that we believe can be harmful to our health or the environment.
Our products are nasty free, and contain:

No Parabens, No phenoxyethanol, No colorant, No endocrine disruptor (BHA, Butylparaben, Propylparaben and salts, Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, Triclosan, Benzophenone-1, Benzophenone-3, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclomethicone, BHT), Noallergens (Methylisothiazolinone-MIT, Methylchloroisothiazolinone-MCIT,P-Phenylenediamine… ), No Sulfates (Sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium lauryl sulfate… )


Shea Butter

At the heart of the Balade en Provence products is our high quality Shea Butter. Shea Butter is a one of a kind ingredient, with soothing, moisturizing and protecting qualities.



Eco Packaging

The glass jars on our hand creams are the most eco-friendly packaging available in the category. They are made of glass and metal, both super easy to recycle. 

The soaps are all packed in compostable and recyclable cartons, so we have been able to go even one step further. 


Let's make sure we do whatever we can to protect our amazing planet.